How It Works

A Collaborative Learning Environment

Ingenuity Hub has been supporting teens to self-direct their learning since 2016. We provide a host of academic, non-academic and social supports to make the idea of leaving the traditional path and taking control of your own education a realistic option.

Guiding Principles

Personalized Learning Plan

Together with the teen, we envision and chart a personal educational plan. The plans are based on the idea of a map. We help each learner find where they are on this map and where they want to go. Then we serve as guides and facilitators to help them along the way. The individualized plan is based on the teen’s interests while also fulfilling the family’s needs. Ingenuity Hub facilitates the process through discussion and recommendations based on our experience.

If the teen is under the age of 16, we will help them prepare this plan as a homeschooling proposal for their local school district/superintendent. This is a very straight forward process. This is the contract that makes leaving school legal for those under the age of 16.

We recognize that “homeschooling” is a word that can raise concern among some parents, but we assure you that it works. Thousands of families utilize the homeschooling laws as a way to improve their children’s education. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity for your child.

Personal Mentor

Each teen is assigned a personal mentor. Through regular meetings we help imagine and realize goals, track progress, and facilitate tutorials and community connections. This relationship is at the core of the Ingenuity Hub experience.

Parent Conferences

The teen’s mentor will meet with their family at least three times per year to envision possibilities and to review achievements. More meetings are scheduled as requested. Parental involvement is encouraged. There are many opportunities for parents to be a part of our community.

Classes, Workshops, and Tutorials

Ingenuity Hub offers programs between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday and a special Community Service day on Friday from 9:00 AM to Noon. Our classes represent the interests and passions of our current collection of staff and include a wide range of topics. Most classes have fewer than 10 students. Ingenuity Hub provides individual one-on-one meetings in a wide range of subjects, such as mathematics, foreign language, guitar, and computer programming, as available.

A New Way to Approach Learning, Education, and Life

Our focus is on the individual and his or her particular strengths, needs, and goals. We meet teens where they are and support them in becoming whomever they want to be. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, we ask: “What are you good at? What do you love to do?” and build from there.